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Waste heat recovery is the process of capturing and reusing heat from streams of high energy
content generated during various refining processes in industrial sectors. These include sectors
such as chemicals, petroleum, automotive etc. Industrialization continues to grow rapidly, and as
large amounts of heat is being generated, its preservation and reuse has become a matter of
great concern for various industries. Various methods are being employed on a large scale in the
industrial sector to reduce energy consumption, operational costs, green-house gas and carbon
emissions. Use of waste heat recovery systems could be an ideal move for various industrial
processes to enhance their economic feasibility. As the industrial sector continues efforts to
improve energy efficiency, waste heat recovery systems offer an attractive opportunity to ensure
an low emission environment.
On the basis of product type, the waste heat recovery system market is segmented as
generators, boilers, exhaust stacks, ovens, compressors, heat pumps, regenerators, recuperators
and others. On the basis of application the global market can be segmented as pre-heating,
steam generation, electricity generation and others. Globally, steam generation accounts for
almost half of the market share compared to other sources. According to the United States
Department Of Energy (US DOE) and the International Energy Agency (IEA), over three-fifths of
the energy used by power plants gets wasted in the form of heat and around 20% to 50% of
industrial energy input is lost as waste heat. Waste heat recovery equipment find usage in a
number of industrial applications such as heavy metal production, cement…

Once More To The Lake Essay Sample

Rhetorical Analysis of E. B. Whites Once More to the Lake E. B. Whites Once more to the Lake provides acute penetration into the life of a middle-aged adult male reflecting on the yesteryear. nowadays. and future. The scene of the essay chiefly resides at a lake that offered the writer eternal sums of pleasance as a kid. Now as an grownup. the writer wishes to live over this experience and seek to recapture his young person. Throughout the essay a major subject develops: Although the transition of clip produces a nexus between coevalss. it in itself reflects human existences ain mortality.

From the age of five. the writer began to bask perennial pleasance at a olympian lake in Maine with his household. As an grownup. nevertheless. he seems to hold strayed away from his young person to a certain grade. and now calls himself a salt-water adult male. no longer able to bask the pleasances of a fresh. vernal life ( lake ) . While this remains true. the restlessness of the tides sometimes prevails. and he begins to hanker for his childhood memories of adolescence and felicity.

In an attempt to fulfill these desires. he returns to the lake in his early mid-fortiess with his boy. On the journey to the lake he ponders about how the lake might differ from his ain remembrances. His head starts to associate past events together in a concatenation of idea that seems to bind them to the present. While White claims to be revisiting old hangouts. he besides makes mention to the lake retention sacred and holy qualities. This provides grounds that he may experience slightly discerning of the finds he will meet on the trip.

One such discover he wishes to avoid remains his ain mortality. To carry through this he begins to look for things that have non changed over the old ages. Get downing in the 4th paragraph. the writer starts to bring forth the sense that the old ages were a mirage and there had been no old ages. Indeed. the repeat of phrases such as these allow the reader to obtain a better grasp for the grade in which the writer wants clip would non travel frontward. White besides provides specific illustrations on his finding to associate the yesteryear to the present. He reflects on the fact that a route still leads to the lake. and 15-year-old state misss still serve repasts for the lakes visitants.

The lake itself provides a clear focal point for many of the writers ideas. He desires to associate to the lake because he sees the lake as a figure that has stood the trial of clip and endured without aging. Expressions such as the same moistness moss covering the worms in the come-on can. little moving ridges were the same. and same fresh H2O departures and debris supply farther grounds the writer believes there had been no transition of clip between the present clip and his childhood.

While ruminating about the yesteryears ties to the present. White continues a mental metabolism that began earlier on the trip. Upon geting to the lake. White remembers how he used to mouse out into the sweet out-of-doorss and get down out in the canoe. When he wakes up one forenoon to hear his boy making the same. White begins to prolong the semblance that he ( kid ) was I ( White ) . While at times White feels he is his boy. he besides catches himself playing the function of his ain male parent from clip to clip. The multiple beings he perceives give him a creepy esthesis. While angling on his boat with his boy. White remembers making merely such a thing as a kid. and begins to inquire which rod I was at the terminal of. As a darning needle lands on the terminal of his rod. White dips his rod into the H2O as if to prove the Waterss of his young person. The dragonfly momentarily flies away before returning to the terminal of the rod. as if it to reaffirm the writers hope that there had been no old ages.

As White begins to take note of the multiple characters he plays in his head while urgently seeking to keep feelings of juvenility. he begins to see his ain mortality face-to-face. Many promotions of the times creep up on him out of the blue. even in topographic points he at first thinks remain the same. A new. tarred route replaces the soil route that one time lead to the campsite. The state girls that he thinks have been insusceptible to clip really have changedwith new. clean hairdos. And the route that one time included three paths has been reduced to twothe path for horses no longer needed due to vehicles being produced in mass measures. This observation starts the downward spiral the writer takes in the essay from experiencing he remains full of young person to cognize he remains bound for decease. The symbolism involved revolves around the three characters White partakes. Merely as one of the paths has disappeared. one character in his life ( his male parent ) has died and ne’er will return. White realizes that one twenty-four hours. he excessively. will melt off from being.

Left with two characters. White begins to lose clasp of the juvenility he wishes to retain. He thinks back to his childhood and remembers how the summers ever showed so much life and that everything seemed good and enjoyable. He believes the summers of the yesteryear to be about excessively cherished to compare to the present times. In this idea he further loosens his clasp of his yesteryear. his young person. Although he begins to recognize his childhood yesteryear remains gone everlastingly. he believes the past traditions. such as geting to the campground by waggon. keep truly alone and priceless qualities that he should prize in his bosom.

Other events besides start to interrupt the semblance and set the old ages traveling. White provides an extended history of how the powerboats had changed over the old ages. No longer could one bask the nice. solemn. and quiet powerboats of the past. Alternatively. newer. faster. and louder motors had been developed. damaging the repose that one time existed.

In the concluding two paragraphs of the essay. White reaches a flood tide in his essay. The suspense of how the writers feelings will reason persists as. Everywhere I went I had problem doing out which was I. the one walking at my side. the one walking in my bloomerss. Although so much grounds exists that the yesteryear is gone. ne’er to be relived. White still clings to the hope that he can retain juvenility.

Finally. a storm erupts over the focal point of Whites youth. the lake. The storm non merely disturbs the nature of the lake and its visitants. it besides begins a fiasco of Whites vision of young person. As the conditions composure. White retains a false hope one last clip that his young person remains integral and can non be wholly destroyed. Phases such as joy and alleviation. hope and liquors. and kids shouting with delight lead the reader to believe that White feels he has overcome his fright of decease. The same events and happenings happen now after a storm that did in the yesteryear. associating the coevalss in a strong indestructible concatenation. This concatenation. nevertheless. really leads to the writers realisation of his ain mortality. As his boy prepares to leap into the lake after the storm subsides. White realizes he has perfectly no purpose of partaking in this childhood luxury. This realisation outright destroys his hope to retain his juvenility. and as his boy pulls on his moisture. cold trunkss. White feels the iciness of decease in his inguen. a topographic point frequently associated with life and birthrate. E. B. Whites Once More to the Lake reflects on the writers discovery that a concatenation connects the yesteryear to the present. But as God assigned him a specific nexus in that concatenation. he must accept his ain mortality. and deter from making false semblances that he can cite his past young person by agencies of his milieus.


How might Francis Bacon’s essay “Of Truth” be analyzed
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Francis Bacon’s essay “Of Truth” is one of the more famous of his works of prose. The essay begins by mocking those who refuse to admit that there is any certain, objective truth. Bacon argues that people have a natural love of lying, even when lying brings no obvious advantage. Truth, Bacon says, resembles light, but he suggests that many people prefer to flirt with darkness because they take some pleasure in lies and lying. Bacon, however, asserts that truth is the greatest good humans can possess. Truth comes from God and attaches us to God, and it is from truth that we derive our deepest pleasure.Bacon’s essay is structured in various ways. It begins, for instance, by mentioning Pilate, a symbolic Christ-killer and enemy of God, but it ends by elaborately celebrating God’s goodness and creativity. Pilate (Bacon says) was dismissive of truth; God, on the other hand, created truth and celebrates truth and, in a sense, personifies truth. Thus the essay is framed by references especially relevant to Christians. Inside that frame, Bacon cites various classical authorities and discusses various classical opinions. He alludes to classical philosophical sects who doubted the existence of truth, but he also alludes to classical thinkers who agree with Christians that truth should be highly valued. As the essay continues to develop, Bacon discusses the attractiveness of lying – an attractiveness that coincides with Christian ideas about the fallen state (and natural sinfulness) of human nature. People lie, Bacon suggests, even when lying is of no practical use to them; they seem in fact to find pure truth boring. Poetry, he suggests, seems to appeal to this…

The Psychology of Death and Dying

Collectively, Americans seem to actively deny death as a natural occurrence in life. Just like our obsession with maintaining youthful appearances, we are fixated on maintaining unprecedented life spans, now a possibility through stem cell research and the potential future of widespread eugenics. Instead of acknowledging death, it becomes a taboo subject, occasionally brought up during life insurance policies and estate sales. Americans do not have holidays to pay homage to the deceased like El Dia De Los Muertos in Mexico or shrines of ancestors as a permanent fixture in their homes like the Japanese. The only portrayal of death found in the media is the typical notion of heaven and hell, for example movies like What Dreams May Come, where Robin Williams must emancipate his wife from the shackles of hell. Or other popular movies, such as Contact with Jodie Foster, where children perceive the dead as normal people existing in a parallel realm, not unlike physical reality. Another common misconception is that death is a temporary inconvenience, often illustrated in children’s movies like Sleeping Beauty and Snow White. Children are given the impression that death is just a really long, luxurious nap and if the right man kisses the sleeping individual she will magically spring back into consciousness.Unfortunately, the only other prevalent acknowledgement of death in the popular media and American society can be found in violent actions movies and psychological thrillers. Gratuitous violence and cold-blooded murder accompanied by internal body parts externalized, decapitated heads and even cannibalism. We have a gross fascination concerning violence and the mutilation of the human form, a rather unhealthy obsession lurking in video games and cult classic movies. Americans have not addressed the finality of death, and only in recent years have new age religions fabricated a new approach toward death, or the passageway into the unknown.As I child, forced to…

Shakespeare’s “Tragedy of Hamlet: Prince of Denmark” Essay Sample

Hamlet is non the usual tragic hero that Shakespeare liked to utilize in his plants. In “The Tragedy of Hamlet: Prince of Denmark” he does non decease an evil adult male. but is complemented by Horatio and Fortinbras. There are many different ideas on what Hamlet’s tragic defect is ; green-eyed monster. inactivity. and insanity are wholly accepted as possibilities. Jealously and inactivity are really plausible. but Hamlet was non insane.

Hamlet is in love with his female parent Gertrude and can non stand the idea of a adult male other than his male parent in bed with her. The fact that her and Claudius’ relationship is considered incestuous makes the matrimony even worse in his eyes. He dwells on the relationship between the two of them. and invariably thinks of their bed. At the beginning of the drama. Hamlet focuses on the relationship she has with Claudius. non the fact that he may hold been responsible for the slaying of his male parent.

Merely after a visit from Old Hamlet’s shade does the slaying attention deficit disorder to his hatred for Claudius. Claudius must be punished for taking advantage of Gertrude in a vulnerable state of affairs and killing his male parent. but she must stay unhurt. Hamlet has no job with that order. as he can non conceive of harming his female parent. When the Queen attempts to calculate out what is incorrect with Hamlet near the terminal of Act 3. he can non maintain from associating their treatment back to her sexual dealingss with Claudius. The decease of his female parent after being poisoned by Claudius’ drink is what eventually convinces Hamlet to kill the King. If she had non been harmed. Hamlet may hold ne’er done anything. Hamlet’s compulsion with

Hamlet’s inactivity leads to legion deceases in the drama. He can non convey himself around to killing Claudius. no affair how many times he thinks back to the horrid inside informations of his father’s slaying and the incestuous relationship with Gertrude. After the King leaves the drama in Act 3. Hamlet has a perfect chance to kill him as he is dead set over in his room. Hamlet does non kill him at this clip. as he is waiting for “a more horrid hint” ( III. four. 88 ) . Hamlet’s inability to revenge his father’s decease at this clip causes more jobs for him as clip advancements. When he is talking with his female parent. he hears person behind the drape. Thinking the adult male to be Claudius. he stabs into it and kills Polonius. That action consequences in his being sent to England with Rosencrantz and Guildenstern with Claudius’ instructions for executing.

He avoids that during a brush with plagiarists where he escapes the ship and really switches the missive so his friends are killed. When Hamlet returns to Denmark he sees Fortinbras’ military personnels processing on through Poland to contend for a package of land that does non hold much value. yet Fortinbras is still willing to give his work forces for the battle. This reminds Hamlet of the absurdity of his inactivity. but he rapidly gets caught up in Ophelia’s self-destruction and Laertes heartache. Even though he knows Claudius ordered his executing. his decides to acquire involved in a battle for award with Laertes. If Hamlet had killed Claudius instantly upon his return he would hold saved his ain life. and that of Laertes and Gertrude.

Hamlet is non enduring from a instance of melancholy. or insanity. His actions are much excessively ciphering for a adult male that is genuinely insane. The manner he deals with the inquiries from Claudius. Ophelia. Gertrude. and Rosencrantz and Guildenstern sing his jobs show that he is merely utilizing their beliefs to throw them off his existent intent. Polonius realizes this after Hamlet’s meeting with Ophelia. “Though this be lunacy. yet there is method in’t. ” ( II. two. 204-5 ) . He uses his feigned insanity to his advantage ; Hamlet is able to things that would hold usually been unacceptable in the royal tribunal. The ciphering manner in which he has Rosencrantz and Guildenstern killed besides show that he most assuredly has full map of his head. His actions were non committed out of lunacy. but he does utilize his sensed insanity in order to acquire what he wants.

Though there are many statements for Hamlet’s tragic defect. the most reasonable 1s are jealousy and inactivity. Those two traits cause the most jobs for him throughout the drama. Hamlet is decidedly non enduring from a existent instance of melancholy ; he is merely utilizing that act to derive what he desires.


Beowulf Report
Hasrat Sohi
On the 6th of August 2015, the play “Beowulf” was put up by 1 CEP. Beowulf is a story about how the legendary protagonist saves the inhabitants of its place from the brutal monster Grendal. Putting the final production up has been a very tedious and a challenging task but it has also taught us numerous aspects about Media and provided us with a lot of experience. Being in the publicity team, it taught me how essential it is for the name of the production to reach out to the mass and make them aware of it taking place. It is of utmost importance that the target audience is identified and the message is put across to them providing them with the necessary information. Not only this, what matters more is how the message needs to be put across and how it should be different from the rest. We used banners and posters for the notice boards to publicize the production. We also made use of class-to-class announcements but in a creative manner. In the class-to-class announcements, there were two people to do the needful. One of them was the active speaker and the other the passive speaker. The message was delivered in the form of an enactment put across the class. Not only this, we also made use of social media like Facebook pages to promote the production.Being a part of the makeup and costume team as well has been the cherry on top. It has not only given me a podium to unleash my talents but also made me learn so much more about this arena. As far as the costumes were concerned, we basically used normal cotton cloth and got it stitched for the shirts. Most of the costumes were designed by our own materials. It being a theatre production, the makeup of the actors was kept loud yet subtle at the same time. We used face paint for Grendal and Grendal’s mother, and normal makeup for contouring the other actors. In a nutshell, the production turned out to be a success which could be seen through the…

AJS 502 UOP Courses Tutorial / Uoptutorial

AJS 502 Week 1 Individual Assignment Policing Paper For more course tutorials visit
Select one of the following topics. These topics may be researched using the University Library or the Internet:
Early roots of policing, Sir Robert Peel’s, during the 1820s, nine principles, and their connection to modern-day policing
Community policing as viewed by Robert C. Trojanowicz and Bonnie Bucqueroux
Problem-oriented policing and its past, present, and future implications according to Herman Goldstein
Broken-window concept and its connection to social disorder as described by George L. Kelling
Crime prevention concepts and theory, such as Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design and other preventative programs
The Chicago Alternative Policing Strategy
Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper that examines the topic’s administrative and operational considerations in relation to functions of patrol, crime investigation, emergency and critical incident response, and future trends—if applicable.
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.——————————————————————————————————————————————————AJS 502 Week 2 Individual Assignment Court Systems Paper For more course tutorials visit
Find and watch a video, or find a synopsis, a summary, or an overview of a major criminal court proceeding. Look for elements and components of the court system.
Use the following sample links to state, municipal, and local justice courts as examples of appropriate websites:
U.S. Courts: The Federal Judiciary (http://www.uscourts.gov/)
California Courts: The judicial branch of California (http://www.courtinfo.ca.gov/)
Phoenix Municipal Court (http://phoenix.gov/COURT/courtpro.html)
Oregon Blue Book: Justice Courts (http://bluebook.state.or.us/state/judicial/judicial38.htm)
Identify and use links to courts in…

How has technology influenced the teaching and learning English Essay Sample

There is a widespread understanding that engineering now plays a more of import function in our society. Its influences can be easy seen in every field of our day-to-day life including medical specialty. instruction. building and so on. In footings of instruction. technological progresss have revolutionized the instruction and larning foreign linguistic communications. specifically. English. They now provide a wealth of stuffs and resources. introduce the method of learning and larning English and lead to the visual aspect of e-learning.

First. today’s engineering has provided instructors every bit good as pupils of English more picks of stuffs than in the yesteryear. when “technology” was still an unfamiliar term to the bulk of Vietnamese society. As stuffs for learning and larning English so were really limited. pupils chiefly learnt through books and press releases given by their instructors. This restriction did hinder pupils a batch in their attempts to self-study more. Now. nevertheless. thanks to inventions like the Internet. the state of affairs has immensely improved. The Internet. with a immense figure of web sites it provides. has become an indispensable resource for English survey.

Because the bulk of these web sites are in English. merely by surfing them. pupils of the linguistic communication can greatly construct up their vocabularies. Besides. there are many web sites that have been established merely for the publicity of English. to which instructors can entree to download stuffs for their ain talks. Meanwhile. pupils can besides utilize these web sites for self-studying intents. In general. engineering. and particularly the Internet has become so indispensable a beginning of stuffs that without it. the instruction and survey of English would be much more hard.

Second. technological progresss have besides led to an invention in the method of learning and larning English. This can be easy seen through a simple comparing between linguistic communication instruction in the yesteryear and that at present. Previously. instruction was carried out with the assistance of merely a chalkboard. some pieces of chalk. and books. With such restrictions. learning usually intend the instructors imparted the cognition from the books to their pupils by composing down some particular constructions or new words on the chalkboard. The pupils would so take notes of these constructions and so larn them by rote afterwards. Nowadays. the method of learning and acquisition has been modernized with such AIDSs as operating expenses. computing machines and projectors. Teachers no longer simply read out loud for the pupils to take notes. Alternatively. they can do their talks more graphic and memorable by utilizing slide shows. For illustration. in a in writing descriptive lesson. with slides of different types of graphs. it is merely necessary to include some introductory sentences to be utile to pupils. Students can besides take advantage of these AIDSs to give presentations more efficaciously. Overall. thanks to technological inventions. instruction and larning English is now more gratifying and more effectual.

Another of import advantage that engineering brings to the field of learning and larning English is the visual aspect of e-learning. which is the distance instruction system based on the telecommunications particularly the Internet. In an e-learning class. both learning and larning activities happen in a practical schoolroom in a certain web site. Therefore. with an Internet-connected computing machine and an history to the web site. a pupil in Vietnam can to go to an English class provided by such celebrated universities as Harvard University or University of Cambridge. In malice of no face-to-face meetings between pupils and instructors. contacts are still made via electronic mails or forums. Besides a opportunity to talk to native English talkers. pupils taking an e-learning class besides have a good chance to speak to pupils around the universe who besides take that class. With such advantages. the bid of English of these e-learning pupils will shortly be improved.

The development of engineering has brought approximately many advantages to the field of learning and larning English including supplying a broad scope of stuffs. introducing the English direction and ensuing in the visual aspect of e-learning. Therefore. if these inventions are made full usage of. they will non merely enable instructors to learn better but besides encourage pupils to larn more efficaciously.

AJS 512 UOP Course Tutorial / Tutorialsale

AJS 512 Entire Course(UOP)For more course tutorials visit
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AJS 512 Week 1 Organizational Behavior Paper
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AJS 512 Week 6 DQ 1
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AJS 512 Week 6 Organizational Culture Paper and Presentation ——————————————————————————————————–AJS 512 Week 1 Organizational Behavior Paper(UOP)For more course tutorials visit
Select one component of the criminal justice system, or a private security organization. Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper about organizational behavior in a criminal justice or security agency. Describe the important elements of organizational behavior and how these elements can challenge the effectiveness of an agency. Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines ——————————————–AJS 512 Week 2 Reinforcement Strategies Paper (UOP)For more course tutorials visit
Write a 1,400- to 2,100-word paper on reinforcement strategies applied in team members’ organizations. Identify the reinforcement strategies used by management to motivate employees. Categorize each reinforcement example as continuous, positive, or negative reinforcement and discuss the strengths and shortcomings of each reinforcement example based on team members’ observations and experiences. Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.
—————————————-AJS 512 Week 3 Leading Group Challenges Paper(UOP)For more course tutorials…

AJS 522 UOP Tutorials/UOPhelp

AJS 522 Entire Course
For more course tutorials visit
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AJS 522 Week 4 Chemical Dependency Counseling in Prison

AJS 522 Week 4 The City of San Diego Public Finance Proposal
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AJS 522 Week 5 Financial Contingency Planning Sources of Funding Paper
&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&AJS 522 Week 1 DQ 1For more course tutorials visit
What is the decision process that leads to making important financial decisions? What factors are taken into account before making a decision
What are some of the specific analytical tools used in public finance and budgeting? How are these tools effectively used within public and government agencies
&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&AJS 522 Week 1 DQ 2For more course tutorials visit
Explain how budget formats channel thought. Explain how formats can direct thought to and highlight general policy matter, budget balancing issues, and improvement of the quality of government management.Government accounting systems are different from business accounting systems. Why? Explain.&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&AJS 522 Week 1 Individual Assignment Expenditures and Revenues Matrix and Summary
For more course tutorials visit
Resources: Matrix Worksheet, located on the student webpage. Create a matrix identifying the roles, expenditures, and revenue for the federal, state,…