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Beowulf Report
Hasrat Sohi
On the 6th of August 2015, the play “Beowulf” was put up by 1 CEP. Beowulf is a story about how the legendary protagonist saves the inhabitants of its place from the brutal monster Grendal. Putting the final production up has been a very tedious and a challenging task but it has also taught us numerous aspects about Media and provided us with a lot of experience. Being in the publicity team, it taught me how essential it is for the name of the production to reach out to the mass and make them aware of it taking place. It is of utmost importance that the target audience is identified and the message is put across to them providing them with the necessary information. Not only this, what matters more is how the message needs to be put across and how it should be different from the rest. We used banners and posters for the notice boards to publicize the production. We also made use of class-to-class announcements but in a creative manner. In the class-to-class announcements, there were two people to do the needful. One of them was the active speaker and the other the passive speaker. The message was delivered in the form of an enactment put across the class. Not only this, we also made use of social media like Facebook pages to promote the production.Being a part of the makeup and costume team as well has been the cherry on top. It has not only given me a podium to unleash my talents but also made me learn so much more about this arena. As far as the costumes were concerned, we basically used normal cotton cloth and got it stitched for the shirts. Most of the costumes were designed by our own materials. It being a theatre production, the makeup of the actors was kept loud yet subtle at the same time. We used face paint for Grendal and Grendal’s mother, and normal makeup for contouring the other actors. In a nutshell, the production turned out to be a success which could be seen through the…

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