How has technology influenced the teaching and learning English Essay Sample

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There is a widespread understanding that engineering now plays a more of import function in our society. Its influences can be easy seen in every field of our day-to-day life including medical specialty. instruction. building and so on. In footings of instruction. technological progresss have revolutionized the instruction and larning foreign linguistic communications. specifically. English. They now provide a wealth of stuffs and resources. introduce the method of learning and larning English and lead to the visual aspect of e-learning.

First. today’s engineering has provided instructors every bit good as pupils of English more picks of stuffs than in the yesteryear. when “technology” was still an unfamiliar term to the bulk of Vietnamese society. As stuffs for learning and larning English so were really limited. pupils chiefly learnt through books and press releases given by their instructors. This restriction did hinder pupils a batch in their attempts to self-study more. Now. nevertheless. thanks to inventions like the Internet. the state of affairs has immensely improved. The Internet. with a immense figure of web sites it provides. has become an indispensable resource for English survey.

Because the bulk of these web sites are in English. merely by surfing them. pupils of the linguistic communication can greatly construct up their vocabularies. Besides. there are many web sites that have been established merely for the publicity of English. to which instructors can entree to download stuffs for their ain talks. Meanwhile. pupils can besides utilize these web sites for self-studying intents. In general. engineering. and particularly the Internet has become so indispensable a beginning of stuffs that without it. the instruction and survey of English would be much more hard.

Second. technological progresss have besides led to an invention in the method of learning and larning English. This can be easy seen through a simple comparing between linguistic communication instruction in the yesteryear and that at present. Previously. instruction was carried out with the assistance of merely a chalkboard. some pieces of chalk. and books. With such restrictions. learning usually intend the instructors imparted the cognition from the books to their pupils by composing down some particular constructions or new words on the chalkboard. The pupils would so take notes of these constructions and so larn them by rote afterwards. Nowadays. the method of learning and acquisition has been modernized with such AIDSs as operating expenses. computing machines and projectors. Teachers no longer simply read out loud for the pupils to take notes. Alternatively. they can do their talks more graphic and memorable by utilizing slide shows. For illustration. in a in writing descriptive lesson. with slides of different types of graphs. it is merely necessary to include some introductory sentences to be utile to pupils. Students can besides take advantage of these AIDSs to give presentations more efficaciously. Overall. thanks to technological inventions. instruction and larning English is now more gratifying and more effectual.

Another of import advantage that engineering brings to the field of learning and larning English is the visual aspect of e-learning. which is the distance instruction system based on the telecommunications particularly the Internet. In an e-learning class. both learning and larning activities happen in a practical schoolroom in a certain web site. Therefore. with an Internet-connected computing machine and an history to the web site. a pupil in Vietnam can to go to an English class provided by such celebrated universities as Harvard University or University of Cambridge. In malice of no face-to-face meetings between pupils and instructors. contacts are still made via electronic mails or forums. Besides a opportunity to talk to native English talkers. pupils taking an e-learning class besides have a good chance to speak to pupils around the universe who besides take that class. With such advantages. the bid of English of these e-learning pupils will shortly be improved.

The development of engineering has brought approximately many advantages to the field of learning and larning English including supplying a broad scope of stuffs. introducing the English direction and ensuing in the visual aspect of e-learning. Therefore. if these inventions are made full usage of. they will non merely enable instructors to learn better but besides encourage pupils to larn more efficaciously.

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