Risk mitigation plan

A Risk Mitigation Plan is a report that identifies the actions that need to be taken to reduce the frequency and impact a risk could possibly have on the organization, SCOPE
The scope of this document is suggest controls for risks that could affect this company in a negative way.
Threat From Inside: The risk of a compromised system, data breeches, or simply a curious employee.
Strong access controls. Base network access on job requirements. Provide reasonable access to facilities. Frequent internal reviews of system and facility access should be completed to ensure that access is controlled.
Social Networks: Employees may divulge to much information to the public. Social networking sites pose a risk of phishing for sensitive information, pose a risk of data breeches (FISMA), and of corporate espionage.
Create policies on social network use at the office (it’s your network). Use a firewall and internet restrictions to prevent access on company resources and time. Provide employee education on what a phishing request is, and how identify one.
Mobile Device Security: Employee or employer owned cellphones, smart phones, tablets connect to networks and have company information on them.
Require a password to access the device. Install GPS on the device to locate it, if the device is lost, or stolen. Data encryption of all emails and other company information.
HACTIVISM: Hacking done by large hacking organizations as a reaction to social movements and politics.
Always update anti virus/antimalware definitions. Control network with well configured firewall and access controls. Employee education on phishing e-mails and other e-mail based attacks.
Inadequate Security Policies: It is Predicted that in the coming years, each business function of an organization will be required to implement their own security policies as they relate to specific department functions in addition to a company wide information security program and…

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Language Focus
For Task 1 in IELTS 1 Quantities
The majority
The maximum
The minimum
Number Amount + uncountable noun
the amount of something
The amount of tax you pay depends on how much you earn.a small/tiny amount
The water here contains small amounts of calcium
and other minerals.a large/an enormous/a considerable amount
He knows an enormous amount about Italian paintings.!The whole amount / the full amount / the total amount /
the greatest amount Quantity
use this, especially in written descriptions or instructions,
to talk about amounts of food, liquid, or other substances
that can be measured
quantity of
Make sure that you add the correct quantity of water.
Use equal quantities of flour and butter.a large/small/enormous etc quantity
An enormous quantity of chemical waste has been dumped in
the river.in large/small quantities
Expensive spices, like saffron, are only produced in small
!The total quantity Figure
refers to the actual number itself, not the
thing that the number refers toWhile the number of Internet users
was only 2.6 million in 1990 , this figure
has more than doubled in the last 3 year The majority
more than half of the people or
things in a large group
A poll of Democrats shows that a majority support the
President.the/a majority of
In June the majority of our students will be taking
They claim their campaign is supported by a majority
of residents.the vast/great/overwhelming majority (=far more
than half)
The great majority of accidents in the Alps occur while
climbers are coming down.
an education policy that will please the vast majority
of parents The maximum
the maximum number or amount is the largest
number or amount that is possible, normal, or
After leaving Calais, the train soon reaches its
maximum speed of 300 kph.
Forty is the maximum number of passengers this