Laughter is the Best Medicine Essay Sample

Laughter is a cosmopolitan linguistic communication. It is highly good to the human organic structure. and it has no known side effects.

Laugh is one of the best natural pain-killers in this universe. Harmonizing to a recent survey by heart specialists at the University of Maryland. laughter can take down hazards of a bosom onslaught by a LOT. Laughter besides reduces emphasis. hence take downing blood force per unit area. That’s a whole batch of wellness benefits merely from express joying!

As Psychiatrist Robert Holden provinces. express joying green goodss happy chemicals in the organic structure called endorphins which work in the encephalon to give an overall feeling of wellbeing. Laughing. nevertheless. does non hold to be echt. Fake laughter will besides do the organic structure to react as if the laughter is existent. So if you don’t like to express joy. so at least make-believe to laugh! In add-on to organic structure wellness benefits. laughter can besides assist fire fat. Harmonizing to research workers in the University of Michigan. ten to fifteen proceedingss of concentrated laughing will fire up to fifty Calories! Wow. that’s a pretty speedy manner to lose weight. Following clip you meet a fat individual. state him to laugh.

Remember when I mentioned that laughter is a pain-killer? No. likely non. Well. anyways. it reduces musculus tenseness. and it besides distracts attending from hurting – so when you break your leg following clip. get down express joying!

Childs have a inclination to express joy the most – about four hundred times a twenty-four hours! Adults. nevertheless. are merely express joying approximately 15 times a day- that’s about…a twosome hundred laughs lost along the manner! How sad… and dangerous excessively! If we keep losing laughs. we will get down to hold wellness jobs – some research workers in Philadelphia have discovered that people without a positive self-image will non decently digest their nutrient. As a consequence. the nutrient can therefore become toxic within their bowels. finally killing them. Laughter besides relieves emphasis – harmonizing to a survey made by research workers from the University of Colorado. people who laugh more frequently will hold a 40 per centum less opportunity than those who do non laugh as much of developing malignant neoplastic disease. bosom – related diseases. and mental emphasis dislocations.

Laughter is … how do we state it? I guess it could be called ” The Natural Medicine” . It heals the physical ego. and in a manner. it besides gives the mental head a opportunity to loosen up.

Besides. laughter has even been proven to increase rational public presentation along with beef uping the unsusceptibility system. Funny…and I thought that smart people were normally serious.

It’s good to express joy. but ironically. infirmaries don’t promote it. I have talked to my physician about this. and he asked me about the rightness of wit when people are enduring. I say there is no better clip for express joying – after all. wit is adaptative. and it allows emotional distance from hurting.

Josh Billings said it best when he stated that. “There ain’t much merriment in medical specialty. but there’s a heck of a batch of medical specialty in merriment. ”

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FIN 380 Week 1 Individual Assignment NonprofitFor more course tutorials visitwww.shoptutorial.comWrite a 350- to 700-word paper in which you contrast nonprofit and
for-profit businesses. Include the following points:
• Organizational characteristics of nonprofit and for-profit
• Types of activities for nonprofit and for-profit organizations
• The relationship of the organization’s mission to strategic
planning**************************************************************************************************FIN 380 Week 1 SummaryFor more course tutorials
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GBM 380 Week 5 Learning Team Global Strategies Paper
GBM 380 Week 5 Learning Team Global Strategies Presentation*******************************************************************************************GBM 380 Week 1 Globalization PaperFor more course tutorials visit www.shoptutorial.comWeek One: Contemporary Global Business Environment
Globalization Paper
Write a 1,050-1,750-word paper in which you define globalization, and identify challenges and opportunities associated with globalization. Locate at least two references.
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.
How would you define globalizationHow have changes in technology contributed to globalization
GBM 380 Week 2 Business Organizations PaperFor more course tutorials visit
www.shoptutorial.comWeek Two: Social Factors in Global Business
Business Organizations Paper
Write a 350- to 700-word paper in which you list one example of each of the following categories of business organizations:
Explain and justify your selection of the business organizations for each category.
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines*******************************************************************************************
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Replacements, Ltd.: Replacing The Irreplaceable Essay Sample

Bob Page worked as an hearer and hated it. As a avocation. he started sing flea markets and roll uping China. Friends asked him to look for replacing pieces for them. By 1980. Bob had grosss of $ 53. 000 from his avocation and decided to discontinue his occupation to get down Replacements. Ltd. By 1997. Bob’s avocation had grown into a concern with about $ 60 million in gross and 500 employees. Bob was proud that he had been successful without a concern program. a selling scheme. budgets. and many of the things that concern schools teach a company must hold to be successful.

Replacement Ltd. has a strong web of providers that supply the company each hebdomad with pieces of China. crystal and Ag that they locate from estate gross revenues. auctions. flea markets and old-timer shops. Replacements provides its providers the current monetary value the company is willing to pay for a peculiar piece.

The job faced at Replacements was its deficiency of a strategic concern scheme that incorporates a strong stock list system is restricting is ability to prolong its current growing rate every bit good as endangering its place as the dominant leader in supplying a beginning of China. crystal. Ag and other collectible points to the populace.

This company has experienced phenomenal growing. but the direction manner and thrust to implement good client service have resulted in rapid employee burnout and high turnover despite above mean wage and inducements. Inventory direction poses another large job.

Strategic mission and vision

Replacements. Ltd. will be the dominant leader in supplying replacing pieces in China. crystal and Ag. It will make so by supplying quality points with superior client service from knowing employees.

SWOT Analysis of Replacements


– Dominant leader in a alone concern with $ 60 million in gross revenues in 1997

– Large stock list of over 6 million pieces and 125. 000 forms

– They had a better purchasing system unlike its rivals where they bought the pieces based on demand and how much stock list they had.

– They kept records of forms that each client owns in their list

– State of the art telephone service Centre

– Had an uncomparable client base of 2 ? million

– They had rich cognition about pieces and they documented things

– Employees were given above mean wage and inducements

– Offer a free form designation. flatware Restoration and cleansing service


– Lack of formal. specific concern scheme

– Strong corporate civilization with high outlook of employees

– Lack of flexible stock list system that allows maximal use


– Expand into international concern operations beyond current mailing patterns

– Create sole partnerships with other China. crystal and Ag

– Develop sole rights to transport limited edition points that are aimed at the mark market

– Outsourcing certain functional countries of the concern


– Entrance of similar concerns particularly from foreign states

– Consumer tendencies alteration and aggregations of China. crystal etc become less of import to future coevalss

– Loss of clients due to lower stock list on manus

– High turnover rates

Recommended actions to better public presentation

– Reduce stock list

– Implement real-time stock list buying processs

– Continue superior client service and satisfaction

– International warehouses and salesrooms

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AJS 532 Week 1 DQ 1
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AJS 532 Week 1 The Social Contract Theory of John Locke
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AJS 532 Week 3 Code of Ethics and Security Case Study
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AJS 532 Week 4 Torture and Ethics Paper
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AJS 532 Week 5 Deception by the Investigating Officer in the Investigative Interrogative and Testimonial Processes

AJS 532 Week 6 Ethical Issues Research Paper and Presentation
AJS 532 Week 1 The Social Contract Theory of John LockeFor more course tutorials visit
Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word paper in which you analyze the social contract theory of John Locke and how the values identified are consistent with the criminal justice system and private security settings. Do these values and principles apply to both venues • Summarize the major differences of the social contract theories.
• What are the key principles associated with Locke’s social contract theory • How are these principle inculcated in the U.S. Bill of Rights • How do the principles play out in the criminal justice system and security settings • Describe freedom in relationship to personal rights and ethical standards and obligations.
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.—————————————————————————————————————————————————————————–
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AJS 542 Week 5 Hate Crime Analysis

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AJS 542 Week 6 Crime Reduction and Prevention Proposal………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….AJS 542 Week 1 Personal Criminological TheoryFor more course tutorials visit
www.ajs542.comWrite a 700- to 1,050-word paper describing your personal criminological theory. Address the following in your paper:
• How would you explain the occurrence of crime and why people commit crime• What variables would you consider• Identify assumptions on which your theory is based.
• What methodologies could you use to evaluate itPlease note – this paper is to describe your own personal criminological theory. While you can draw from theories that you are aware of, this paper is not simply a summary of theories which you agree with! Please make sure your paper not only explains your own personal criminological theory, but also clearly states the variables you are considering, the assumptions you are making, and the methodology which would be used to test your theory. Make sure your paper has an introduction and a conclusion. Also, make sure your paper follows APA formatting. This refers not only to the citations and reference page, but also to the title page and body of the paper. If you have any questions regarding what is required in APA…

Pros and cons of the promotional mix Essay Sample

In today concern. by merely holding a good assortments of merchandise is non sufficient to carry through great consequence. There is no usage by holding a really good merchandise when no 1 knows about them. This is when publicity comes in. to depict any activity by a concern for informing. influencing and persuading clients. In a nutshell. publicity is all about companies pass oning with client. In entire there are four cardinal elements in the promotional mix which is publicizing. forces selling. gross revenues publicity and public dealingss tools. No affair how good a scheme or a program is perform ; advantage and disadvantage are certainly to be. The chief intent of carry oning this literature reappraisal is to exactly place the advantages and disadvantages of the four elements.

One of the most popular promotional elements that company normally us is the advertisement. but before we look into the pros and cons of this component. We foremost have to analyze its definition. what truly is publicizing? Harmonizing to tutor2u® advertisement is any paid signifier of non-personal communicating of thoughts or merchandises in the “prime media” . Examples are telecasting. newspapers. magazines. hoarding postings. wireless. and film. Ad is intended to carry and to inform. The two basic facets of advertisement are the message ( what you want your communicating to state ) and the medium ( how you acquire your message across ) .

After looking at the definition. we move on to the pros and cons of this component. first of all if u program to make out to a broad scope if audience so advertisement is the best pick. Ad is really utile in the beginning of a merchandise life rhythm ; this is because it helps a batch in edifice trade name consciousness. Although it enables company to make out to a broad audience but advertisement are unable to carry client to do the concluding buying determination. This is because advertisement is a one manner communicating. Merely purchase advertisement itself. it is non possible to reply all clients question. In other words. advertisement is impersonal.

Another celebrated manner of making publicities is through forces selling. In footings of map forces merchandising is rather different comparison to advertisement. In simple advertisement is to construct consciousness while a forces merchandising is to do gross revenues. A simple definition of forces selling is Oral communicating with possible purchasers of a merchandise with the purpose of doing a sale. The personal merchandising may concentrate ab initio on developing a relationship with the possible purchaser. but will ever finally stop with an effort to “close the sale” . ( hypertext transfer protocol: //tutor2u. net/business/marketing/promotion_mix. asp ) . Each and every component has their advantages and disadvantages ; forces selling have the most advantage when a composite and elaborate merchandise demand to be explain. This is because it provide a high synergistic communicating or a two manner communicating. this is because each and every inquiry from the purchaser will be answered.

Through forces selling non merely gross revenues can be near but it besides builds relationships. When a long clip is needed to shut the sells forces merchandising is the most efficient because of the relationship that is build. Although in a manner personnel merchandising is really good. but under certain fortunes it besides have its disadvantages. Personnel’s selling tends to be more dearly-won. this is because non merely we have to pay the rewards to the forces marketer. and there are some concealed costs that we have to absorb. A personnel merchandising is besides non suited when there are 1000s of of import purchasers. because it is hard to apportion such a immense work force into the market.

Gross saless publicity is another manner that a company can increase its gross revenues. The function of gross revenues publicity is to supply inducements to clients or to the distribution channel to excite demand for a merchandise. Examples of gross revenues publicity can be frequently see is In-store presentations. shows. competitions and monetary value inducements ( 50 % off. buy-one-get-one-free. ( ) When short ends are aim gross revenues publicity is the best manner comparison to other elements for holding a high per centum rate of success. It stimulates speedy additions in gross revenues by aiming promotional inducements on peculiar merchandises. We can frequently see this gross revenues publicity in shopping composite when they offer immense rate of price reduction to pull client in a period of clip. While in the long term gross revenues publicity is non so successful because client will finally acquire asleep to the consequence of the publicity. Although gross revenues publicity pushes gross revenues up really speedy but when it is overdo it will convey injury to the image of the trade name.

The last component of promotional mix is public dealingss or besides known as promotion which something that ‘happens’ to a company and the consequence may be good or bad. Public dealingss ( or PR ) involve a sustained effort to develop your repute as a concern by utilizing the media to assist make the image you desire. It is a manner of maintaining the concern in your customers’ eyes ( The Chartered Institute of Marketing 2001 ) . By utilizing public dealingss information seems to be more ‘credible’ because it is through 3rd party. It is besides cheaper to utilize public dealingss unlike other promotional mix elements because if the right promotion is achieved through the right media it can make a immense sum of client. Although is inexpensive and more believable. public relation excessively can do injury to the concern because we are unable to command what others say or write therefore if any bad intelligence of the company is spread we are unable to make anything about it.

In decision. each and every component has their pros and cons. it is our occupation as a seller to develop and implement the best promotional mix to increase the trade name and net income of a company. Promotions should non merely merely dwell one component ; we have excessively finely equilibrate the elements of the promotional mix to fulfill the demands of a merchandise and company.

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AJS 562 Week 1 DQ
AJS 562 Week 1 Individual Assignment (Risk Management)
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AJS 562 Week 2 Individual Assignment State or Federal Tort Claims Assignment
AJS 562 Week 3 DQ
AJS 562 Week 3 Individual Assignment Prevention and Mitigation Analysis
AJS 562 Week 4 DQ
AJS 562 Week 4 Individual Assignment Response Structure Assignment
AJS 562 Week 6 Risk Management Consultant Proposal
AJS 562 Week 5 Assignment Response Execution
AJS 562 Week 5 DQ

AJS 562 Week 1 Individual AssignmentFor more course tutorials visit
Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word paper discussing the role and nature of organizational risk management in justice and security organizations and why it is important.
Address the following in your assessment:
Planning for risk and identifying resources. How justice and security organizations manage risk. Costs associated in managing risk. Consequences of failing to manage risk. Benefits a properly performed risk analysis has for management and key stakeholders.
Format your paper according to APA standards.&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&
AJS 562 Week 2 Individual Assignment State or Federal Tort Claims AssignmentFor more course tutorials visit
Research the state’s tort claims act where you reside. Research the Federal Tort Claims Act of 1946. Write a 1,050- to 1,750- word paper on the state’s tort claims act where you reside or on the Federal Tort Claims Act of 1946. Explain how it applies to local justice and to security agencies. What are the issues of risk related to civil liability as it applies to crime, justice, and security organizations? Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment….

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www.uophelp.comAJS 572 Week 1 Individual Assignment Overview of Information Systems and Technology Paper
AJS 572 Week 2 Individual Assignment Trends in Cybercrime Paper
AJS 572 Week 3 Individual Assignment Information Systems (IS) Risk Management Paper
AJS 572 Week 5 Individual Assignment Restoration and Recovery Plan
AJS 572 Week 6 Learning Team Assignment Cybercrime Prevention Guide

AJS 572 Week 1 Individual Assignment Overview of Information Systems and Technology PaperFor more course tutorials visit
www.uophelp.comResource: Riordan Manufacturing Virtual Organization
Review the following scenario:
You are an employee of Riordan Manufacturing, which has just gone through a company reorganization. You have been reassigned to a different position and are now the information technology (IT) assistant project director. Your supervisor has informed you that the company is expanding and will open a new office in Seattle, Washington. You have been tasked with expanding the company’s IT infrastructure by setting up the IT system in the new office.
Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper that identifies the organization’s information systems and their functionalities. Select one of the organization’s major systems, and describe its global interconnectivity and the potential result of a failure of a major component of this system. Include the reasons to protect this system and the consequences of inadequate security.
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&AJS 572 Week 2 Individual Assignment Trends in Cybercrime PaperFor more course tutorials visit
www.uophelp.comSelect a current computer-crime…

Bull Riding, the Ride of Your Life Essay Sample

Bull equitation is the prototype of rodeo exhilaration. Nothing rather compares with adult male vs. animal when one outweighs the other by about 10 to one. With nil but a rope dividing them. the cowpuncher must hang on to the rope with one manus for eight seconds.

With 2. 000-plus lbs of angry animal making everything in its power to flip you off. you will necessitate the undermentioned equipment for bull equitation. First you need a Protective Vest. invented by Professional Bull Rider ( PBR ) Cody Lambert. is worn by the PBR jocks for protection. It serves two primary intents: it absorbs daze and dissipates the blow to the organic structure. while protecting the trunk from endangering punctures caused by direct contact with the bull’s hooves and horns. Since the jocks began have oning the protective waistcoat. the figure of internal hurts has dropped. Following you will necessitate baseball mitts. Cowboys wear a baseball mitt merely on their equitation manus ( the manus that grips the bull rope ) . This leather baseball mitt protects a cowboy’s manus and fingers. It besides makes it easier to keep on to the bull rope. The cowpunchers really tape the baseball mitts to their custodies. since the force of the bull and the clash of the rope could easy rupture a baseball mitt off during a drive. Along with the baseball mitt a bull rider uses a gluey substance called resin. to assist their baseball mitt stick to the bull rope.

The bull rope is a level rope braided from nylon or grass that goes around the bull’s girth country behind his front legs. The rope has a grip. constructed partly of leather that is braided into it and serves as the cowboy’s merely ground tackle for the continuance of his drive. Most cowboys run the rope through their little finger or index finger ; nevertheless. some riders prefer to utilize a suicide wrap. which is harder to acquire out of and increases the opportunities of a rider hanging up to his bull. Brazilian bull ropes are the preferable cogwheel of several of the top bull riders. The Brazilian bull rope varies in building from those braided in America. and are somewhat wider.

The major difference for those utilizing the Brazilian rope is that the rope is pulled from the opposite side. For case. an single equitation with his right manus would hold his rope pulled from the left side and vice-versa if he is utilizing a Brazilian bull rope. Otherwise. the rope is pulled from the same side as the manus with which he is siting. Chaps and boots are besides of import. Chaps are a custom-made piece that provides protection to the riders legs. The boots the cowpunchers wear while siting have a particular goad ridge on the heel which helps their goad to remain in topographic point. Some cowpunchers wear the traditional pull-on boot. while others prefer those that lace up to suit the pes snugly.

Now that you have all the right equipment. its clip to sit. Each bull has a alone name and figure used to place the bull. A sufficient figure of bulls. each judged to be of good strength. wellness. legerity. and age. are selected to execute. The rider and bull are matched indiscriminately before the competition. although get downing in 2008. some graded riders are allowed to take their ain bulls from a bull bill of exchange for selected unit of ammunitions in PBR events. A rider mounts a bull and grips a level braided rope. After he secures a good clasp on the rope. the rider nods to signal he is ready. The bucking chute ( a little enclosure which opens from the side ) is opened and the bull storms out into the sphere. The rider must try to remain on the bull for at least eight seconds. while merely touching the bull with his siting manus.

His other manus must stay free for the continuance of the drive. The bull vaulting horses. rears. boots. spins. and turns in an attempt to throw the rider off. This continues for a figure of seconds until the rider bucks off or dismounts after finishing his drive. A loud doorbell announces the completion of an eight 2nd drive. Throughout the drive. toreadors. besides popularly known as rodeo buffoons stay near the bull in order to help the rider if necessary. When the drive ends. either deliberately or non. the toreadors distract the bull to protect the rider from injury.

The drive is scored from 0-100 points. Both the rider and the bull are awarded points. There are normally two Judgess. each justice hiting the bull from 0-50 points. and the rider from 0-50 points. The combined point sums from both Judgess make up the concluding mark for the drive. Tonss of zero are rather common as a batch of riders lose control of the carnal about instantly after the bull rages out of the bucking chute. Many experient professionals are able to derive tonss of 75 or more. A mark above 80 is considered first-class. and a mark in the 90s exceptional.

There is a het argument between animate being rights organisations and bull equitation partisans over many facets of the athletics. The first contention is over the usage of a flank strap. The flank strap is placed around a bulls wing. in forepart of the hind legs. and encourages bucking. Critics claim that the wing strap encircles or otherwise binds the genitalias of the bull. However. others note that the wing strap is anatomically impossible to put over the genitalias ; every bit good as unrealistic. indicating out that the bull’s cistrons are valuable and that there is a strong economic inducement to maintain the animate being in first-class generative wellness. Critics besides claim that “hot shots” . electric cattle goads. are used to wound and torment the bulls while protagonists claim that a speedy shooting merely gets the bull out of the chute rapidly and are merely a moderate annoyance due to the thickness of the animal’s fell. Cattle goads have non been used in the PBR circuit for several old ages. And in conclusion. Bull siting besides has the highest rate of hurt of any rodeo athletics. It accounts for about 50 % of all traumatic hurts to rodeo contestants. and the bull riders have the highest hurt rate of any non-contestant group.

Although bull equitation is a unsafe athletics. its popularity seems to lift more and more each twelvemonth. Most common in the south West and great planes. this athletics give mean old cowpuncher something to woolgather approximately. If youre debating siting a bull. merely use the precautional technique and equipment. and bent on because your in for the drive of your life.

Plants Cited

hypertext transfer protocol: //www. pbrnow. com/ABOUT/SPORTINFO/EQUIPMENT. CFMhttp: //en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Bull_riding # Rules_and_Regulationsrodeo. about. com/od/bullriding/Bull_Riding. htm