Shakespeare’s “Tragedy of Hamlet: Prince of Denmark” Essay Sample

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Hamlet is non the usual tragic hero that Shakespeare liked to utilize in his plants. In “The Tragedy of Hamlet: Prince of Denmark” he does non decease an evil adult male. but is complemented by Horatio and Fortinbras. There are many different ideas on what Hamlet’s tragic defect is ; green-eyed monster. inactivity. and insanity are wholly accepted as possibilities. Jealously and inactivity are really plausible. but Hamlet was non insane.

Hamlet is in love with his female parent Gertrude and can non stand the idea of a adult male other than his male parent in bed with her. The fact that her and Claudius’ relationship is considered incestuous makes the matrimony even worse in his eyes. He dwells on the relationship between the two of them. and invariably thinks of their bed. At the beginning of the drama. Hamlet focuses on the relationship she has with Claudius. non the fact that he may hold been responsible for the slaying of his male parent.

Merely after a visit from Old Hamlet’s shade does the slaying attention deficit disorder to his hatred for Claudius. Claudius must be punished for taking advantage of Gertrude in a vulnerable state of affairs and killing his male parent. but she must stay unhurt. Hamlet has no job with that order. as he can non conceive of harming his female parent. When the Queen attempts to calculate out what is incorrect with Hamlet near the terminal of Act 3. he can non maintain from associating their treatment back to her sexual dealingss with Claudius. The decease of his female parent after being poisoned by Claudius’ drink is what eventually convinces Hamlet to kill the King. If she had non been harmed. Hamlet may hold ne’er done anything. Hamlet’s compulsion with

Hamlet’s inactivity leads to legion deceases in the drama. He can non convey himself around to killing Claudius. no affair how many times he thinks back to the horrid inside informations of his father’s slaying and the incestuous relationship with Gertrude. After the King leaves the drama in Act 3. Hamlet has a perfect chance to kill him as he is dead set over in his room. Hamlet does non kill him at this clip. as he is waiting for “a more horrid hint” ( III. four. 88 ) . Hamlet’s inability to revenge his father’s decease at this clip causes more jobs for him as clip advancements. When he is talking with his female parent. he hears person behind the drape. Thinking the adult male to be Claudius. he stabs into it and kills Polonius. That action consequences in his being sent to England with Rosencrantz and Guildenstern with Claudius’ instructions for executing.

He avoids that during a brush with plagiarists where he escapes the ship and really switches the missive so his friends are killed. When Hamlet returns to Denmark he sees Fortinbras’ military personnels processing on through Poland to contend for a package of land that does non hold much value. yet Fortinbras is still willing to give his work forces for the battle. This reminds Hamlet of the absurdity of his inactivity. but he rapidly gets caught up in Ophelia’s self-destruction and Laertes heartache. Even though he knows Claudius ordered his executing. his decides to acquire involved in a battle for award with Laertes. If Hamlet had killed Claudius instantly upon his return he would hold saved his ain life. and that of Laertes and Gertrude.

Hamlet is non enduring from a instance of melancholy. or insanity. His actions are much excessively ciphering for a adult male that is genuinely insane. The manner he deals with the inquiries from Claudius. Ophelia. Gertrude. and Rosencrantz and Guildenstern sing his jobs show that he is merely utilizing their beliefs to throw them off his existent intent. Polonius realizes this after Hamlet’s meeting with Ophelia. “Though this be lunacy. yet there is method in’t. ” ( II. two. 204-5 ) . He uses his feigned insanity to his advantage ; Hamlet is able to things that would hold usually been unacceptable in the royal tribunal. The ciphering manner in which he has Rosencrantz and Guildenstern killed besides show that he most assuredly has full map of his head. His actions were non committed out of lunacy. but he does utilize his sensed insanity in order to acquire what he wants.

Though there are many statements for Hamlet’s tragic defect. the most reasonable 1s are jealousy and inactivity. Those two traits cause the most jobs for him throughout the drama. Hamlet is decidedly non enduring from a existent instance of melancholy ; he is merely utilizing that act to derive what he desires.

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